The personal microsite of Mike Humphrey
The personal
micro site of
Mike Humphrey.

a new breed of Catholics to combine Catholic Apologetics with Web technologies
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Spacer Hi! Welcome to my personal web site.
This site details a combination of my:
    • personal life
    • academic credentials
    • and industrial experience.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Main Interests and Avocation



Mike Humphrey


Natick, Massachusetts


Web Developer
Catholic Apologist


St. Patrick,
Natick, Mass.


60 this June 2015 on my way to 120.

Book recently read:

Swear to God: The Power and Promise of the Sacraments by Scott Hahn

Favorite movies:

- The Passion
of the Christ
- Needful Things
- The Devils Advocate

Favorite quotes:

When dealing with your enemies:
“Kill'em with kindness.”

My mom, R.I.P.

"A right always takes on a responsibility."

My dad, R.I.P.
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Panoramic Sites


The web site portfolio of
Mike Humphrey

We are a new breed of Catholic Christians who listen, clarify teachings, and correct misperceptions about the True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter and his successors in 33 A.D.: the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Apologetics on the web is a Catholic support group of lay Catholic Christians loyal to the Holy See and the Church's Magisterium whose primary interest is Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

    We are a new breed of Catholic Christians who listen, clarify teachings, and correct misperceptions about the True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter and his successors in 33 A.D.: the Roman Catholic Church.

with a premiere interest in:

Our blessed priest re-presenting and entering into the ONE sacrifice of Calvary. Attending Holy Mass always on Sunday and when ever I can on the week days, always in a state of grace.
Our Lord Jesus Christ REALLY present in the Eucharist, under the physical appearance of bread, John 6:51-73Spending time with Our Lord Jesus at Adoration in thanksgiving for His loving help and presence over the past week, expressing my petitions, and making reparation for past sins.


These last two interests make the other interests run smoothly.


Saintly and unmistakably, historical Catholic Quotes among others:

"Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there, just as whenever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church."

St. Ignatius of Antioch in 107 A.D.

How the word Cathoilc identifies faithful Christians who adhere to
all of Jesus' doctrines and teachings


St. Pacian of Barcelona, (c.310-375 A.D.) said:

"But, under the Apostles, you will say, "No one was called Catholic."

Grant this to have been the fact; or suppose it to have been so.

  • When heresies, after the Apostles days, arose, and, under divers names, strove to tear and scatter piecemeal the dove of God, and His queen, did not the apostolic people require a peculiar name whereby to distinguish the unity of the people that had not been corrupted, for fear lest the error of a few might tear limb by limb the unstained virgin of God?
  • Was it not beseeming that the principal head should be designated by a suitable title?
Suppose I entered, this very day, into a populous city, and found there Marcionites, Apollinarists, Cataphrygians, Novatians, and others of the same sort, all calling themselves Christians.
  • By what name should I be able to recognize the congregation of my own people, were it not from its being called Catholic?
Come, tell me, you who bestowed so many names on the other peoples!
  • Why have so many cities, so many nations, each their own description?
  • The very man who calls in question the name Catholic, will he be ignorant of the cause of his own name, if I shall inquire its origin?
  • Whence was it delivered to me?
Assuredly, that which has stood during so many ages was not borrowed from man.

This name Catholic sounds not of Marcion, nor of Apelles, nor of Montanus, nor does it take heretics as its authors. . . . . Christian is my name, but Catholic my surname. That names me, this describes me; by this I am approved; by that designated. And if at last we must give an account of the word Catholic, and express it, from the Greek, by a Latin interpretation, Catholic is "everywhere one", or, as the more learned think, obedience in all the commandments of God. . . . Therefore he who is a Catholic, the same is obedient to what is right. He who is obedient, the same is a Christian, and thus the Catholic is a Christian.

Wherefore when our people are named Catholic, they are separated by this appellation from the [other] heretical names.

St. Pacian of Barcelona, (c.310-375 A.D.), bishop of Barcelona, Jerome praises his eloquence, learning, chastity, and holiness of life.

CCC 830 The word Catholic means universal, in the sense of [being the Christian faith] according to [Her] totality or in keeping with the whole.