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Mike Humphrey, Web Developer and Catholic Apologist Hi! Welcome to my personal web site. This site details a combination of my:
    • personal life
    • academic credentials
    • and industrial experience.

I hope you enjoy the site.

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Panoramic Sites.
The web site portfolio of Mike Humphrey





We are Catholic Christians who clarify teachings and correct misperceptions on the web about the One True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter, the Roman Catholic Church.Catholic Apologetics on the web
AskACatholic.com is a Catholic support group of lay Catholic Christians loyal to the Holy See and the Church's Magisterium whose primary interest is Catholic apologetics and evangelization

with a premiere interest in:

Our blessed priest re-presenting and entering into the ONE sacrifice of Calvary. Attending Holy Mass always on Sunday and when ever I can on the week days, always in a state of grace.
Our Lord Jesus Christ REALLY present in the Eucharist, under the physical appearance of bread, John 6:51-73Spending time with Our Lord Jesus at Adoration in thanksgiving for His loving help and presence over the past week, expressing my petitions, and making reparation for past sins.


These last two interests make the other interests run smoothly.

Name: Mike Humphrey
Address: Natick, Massachusetts
Occupation: Unemployed Web-HTML Developer - Catholic Apologist
Parish: St. Patrick, Natick, Mass.
Age: 50
Book recently read:
Swear to God: The Power and Promise of the Sacraments” by Scott Hahn
Favorite movies:
The Passion of the Christ
Needful Things
The Devils Advocate
Favorite quotes:
Family: RE: Your enemies:
“Kill'em with kindness.”
(My mom)
Saintly: "Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there, just as whenever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church" in 110AD St. Ignatius of Antioch