The personal microsite of Mike Humphrey
The personal
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Mike Humphrey.

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559 Concord Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776

"Getting up the Hill"

Every winter, one of the biggest challenges for the Humphrey family was "Getting up the Hill"

Remember that cozy home you saw on the home page? For over 50 years we had to drive up and down the hill to get to it. Summer, Spring and Fall were no problem, but can you imagine the fun we had during the Winter? The last landlord we had made some significant improvements to "the hill". This picture really doesn't give you a good idea of what we had to deal with each year.


During snow, sleet, or ice storms you can imagine how fun it was getting to and from our house.


Though not present now, sand barrels were at the bottom of the hill on an annual basis.



At the base of the hill.


The hill is to the left on the picture to the right.


All of us were within walking distance of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, down to the right.

At the base of the hill.




Front view of our home.

The scoop: The Front view of our home.

We lived in this house for about 57 years.

To this day, my mother remembers our first landlord planting the seeds for this
baby tree.






Side view of our home.


Although we had terrible weather at times, the tree never effected the house, and sometimes protected us.

Side view of our home.



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