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The personal
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Mike Humphrey.

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559 Concord Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776

A look from the side of the house.

A look from the side of the house.

When growing up, all three of us were fortunate to have a nice, spacious area in which we could play and have a great time. Off to the far left of this picture we also had several sets of swings.



A look from the back.


The set of double windows closest to you was our bedroom. All three of us slept in the same room making for a good time among brothers. Later my older brother, Steve, was moved to the room on the far right portion of this picture.


The clothes line was where mom always dried out our clothes. Why spent money on a drier when "Mother Nature" will do it for FREE.


A look from the back.



Winter time on "the hill" — Dateline: February 1966



Our tree house from afar - February 1966

Our treehouse from afar

The three of us kids were fortunate to grow up with, what we thought, was a really cool tree house.


My older brother Steve was 15, I was 11 and Mark was 7.






Our tree house close up.


If you click on the picture, you'll see a close up of it. It appears the "Dad" took these pictures before the invention of the color camera.

Our tree house close up - February 1966





Tree house Zoom - February 1966

Tree house Zoom



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